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Teardrop Headlights book

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Set amidst the beauty and tragedy of rural Mexico, Benjamin Moore’s touching and compelling tale leads readers through the dark world of a traveling preacher’s kid caught in a web of abject poverty and growing religious madness. Addicts often find the wounds of a traumatic childhood insurmountable, and few would challenge this author’s right to join those ranks. Instead, we witness a man slowly coming to peace with the father who brutalized him and the inner demons that tried to crush his soul. Moore writes in an unpretentious and engaging style that opens us to the inner-workings of a young boy’s troubled mind leading to the later tragedies of addiction. Without self-pity or judgment, he finds his homecoming by traveling the path of Truth that every addict must find and follow if he is to be set free.

~ Father Bill Wigmore,
Episcopal priest and recovery author


Beautifully told. A mixture of tragedy

TEARDROP HEADLIGHTS is beautiful, inspiring, deep, at times heartbreaking, and an overall lovely book. It tells the story of the author’s unique childhood in the US and Mexico, sharing colorful details, which let us learn about the contrasts between American and Mexican cultures while making us think about some of the most important issues of Christianity and life, such as forgiveness, faith, love, and overcoming a devastating upbringing.In a very delicate and respectful way, TEARDROP HEADLIGHTS submerges the reader in the author’s family life, led by a father who was a missionary pastor. While it does this, it takes the reader back in time into the author’s own heart, mind, and soul, allowing us to experience some of his struggles and helping us understand the kinds of things that some people endure during childhood and in some cases perhaps, even helping the reader overcome his own struggles.

I am one of those persons.

Reading TEARDROP HEADLIGHTScaught me thinking about what having faith in God means and calls for; it helped me see things clearer, which I really appreciate. Benjamin Moore writes with perfect pace, suspense, and great insight, keeping his reader desiring to know what happened next until the end.

Will there be a second book?

~ Ruy Barraco Mármol
Author of Jesus without Paul of Tarsus


Life changer!

TEARDROP HEADLIGHTS is a miracle. I cry when I recognize miracles. Your book has changed my life and will change the lives of many others. Thank you for loving your story into a book.

~ Cheri Lomonte
Author of The Healing Touch of Mary and Stories of Mary’s Touch


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